Vietnam’s Pho, fresh spring roll among world’s best 30 dishes

Vietnam’s Pho and Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) have been named in the list of the best 30 dishes of the world under a survey by CNN (Cable News Network).

Pho was ranked 28th while Goi cuon stood at the 30th place in the list.
As a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine culture, Pho is present anywhere around the world where Vietnamese people live. In addition to rice noodle, a few herbs, thinly-sliced beef or chicken meat and broth as the main ingredients, a slice of fresh lemon and a splash of chilli sauce are indispensable to a delicious bowl of Pho.
Meanwhile, the main ingredients for making Goi cuon dish consist of boiled pork, shrimp, herbs, rice vermicelli and rice paper. It is served at room temperature with the erupting flavours of refreshing herbs.

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A dish of Goi cuon (fresh spring roll) (Photo: CNN)

The sauce for Goi cuon is made from a variety of ingredients, such as a dash of fish sauce, coconut milk, a squeeze of tamarind, chopped garlic, hot pepper, onions, ground peanuts, fried sesame seeds and cooking oil.
In the CNN’s list, the top 10 dishes of the world are chicken muamba of Gabon, ice cream, tom yum goong of Thailand, Penang assam laksa of Malaysia, hamburger of Germany, Peking duck of China, sushi of Japan, chocolate of Mexico, Neapolitan pizza of Italy and Massaman curry of Thailand.

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