Vietnamese conical hat honoured by UK magazine

Vietnam’s conical hats, or non la, have been featured as one of the impressive traditional costumes around the globe by British travel guidebook Rough Guides.
Vietnamese conical hat honoured by UK magazine
According to the magazine, Vietnam is home to an extraordinary wealth of traditional clothing, with the most elaborate outfits found in the north, such as red brocades of the Flower Hmong people and the decorated headdresses of the Red Dao.
However, the Rough Guides highlighted that the most recognisably Vietnamese item is the conical hat, or “non la”, an essential accessory throughout the country”.
“The version available in Hue, non bai tho, has lines of poetry written into the brim, only visible when you hold it up to the light”, says the magazine.
Rounding out the collection are the Sari of India, Kilts of Scotland, Tracht of Southern Germany and Austria, Balinese Temple Dress of Indonesia, Maasai Beadwork of Kenya, Herero women of Namibia, Sami Clothing of Lapland, Gho of Bhutan, Bowler hat of Bolivia, Nagaland of Northern India, Flamenco Dresses of Spain, The Ten –Gallon Stetson of Texas (the US), Sardinian traditional dress of Italy, Changing the Guard of the Republic of Korea, The Keffiyeh of the Middle East, Coiffe of France, Kimono of Japan, Menswear of Guatemala, and the Chanel Suit of Paris (France).

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