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Vietnam’s air-conditioned trains are safe, comfortable & inexpensive, the ideal way for independent travellers to get around and see Vietnam at ground level.  The train journeys are a genuine Vietnamese experience in themselves, an integral part of your visit to Vietnam.  You might even meet some Vietnamese people.  Inexperienced travellers sometimes think they’ll save time by using internal flights – in fact, an overnight train ride from Hanoi to Hué actually saves time compared to flying, because the train leaves Hanoi city centre in the evening and arrives in Hué city centre next morning, but it’s more than this, the train journey is a genuine Vietnamese experience, flying is a wasted opportunity.  Flying takes 4 or 5 hours out of your sightseeing day in getting to a remote airport, checking in, taking the flight itself, collecting your bags and getting back into the city centre.  And the sleeper train saves a hotel bill, too.  And what’s the rush anyway?  Air-conditioned trains with sleepers and on-board catering link Hanoi, Hué…



Train Schedule: Hanoi – Hue
Depart: From Hanoi

Departure Arrival Duration Train Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth Soft Berth
06:30 19:45 12h52m SE7 $30 $32 $45 $47
09:00 22:42 14h22m SE5 $28 $30 $40 $45
19:30 08:48 12h57m SE1 $30 $32 $48 $51
20:10 09:42 14h25m SE19 $29 $31 $43 $46
22:00 10:27 11h45m SE3 $31 $33 $48 $51

Return Train Schedule: Hue - Hanoi
Depart: From Hue

Departure Arrival Duration Train Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth Soft Berth
01:36 15:33 13h21m SE8 $30 $32 $45 $47
05:39 19:58 14h24m SE6 $28 $30 $40 $45
15:31 04:50 12h19m SE2 $30 $32 $48 $51
16:47 05:30 10h54m SE4 $31 $33 $48 $51
21:33 12:33 14h28m SE20 $29 $31 $43 $46

How long is the train travel distance between Hanoi and Hue?

The rail distance from Hanoi to Hue is 540 kilometers (equals to 335 miles or 291 nautical miles). Your train will depart from Hanoi Train Station – Gate A at (21° 1’ 23.52”N, 105° 50’ 25.8”E), and will arrive at Hue Train Station at (16° 27’ 23.04”N, 107° 34’ 42.6”E).

How long does it take to travel by train between Hanoi to Hue?
The average train travel time between Hanoi and Hue is 12 hours and 0 minutes.

How much is the fare for trains between Hanoi and Hue?
On average, the train fare for the route from Hanoi to Hue is 672,000 VND (or ~$32 USD) for soft-seat and 987,000 VND (or ~$47 USD) for soft-berth.

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