The most beautiful islet in Northern Vietnam

With its long sandy beaches and moderate slope, and gentle waves all year round, Con Den (Black Islet) in Thai Binh Province is becoming increasingly popular.
The most beautiful islet in Northern Vietnam - Halong Sapa packages
Thai Binh is not famous for sea tourism but it is the home to many beautiful islets in northern Vietnam.
Besides Con Vanh (Vanh Islet) in Tien Hai District, those who love the pristine beauty and the mangrove ecosystem should not forget Con Den in Thai Thuy District.
Approximately 150 km from Hanoi and about 40 km from the city of Thai Binh, visitors can easily reach Con Den by both public and private meana of transport.
From the National Highway 1 to Phu Ly City, you turn onto Highway 21, go straight to Nam Dinh City, then turn left onto Highway 10 to reach the city of Thai Binh.
From here, take Highway 39B to Con Den. More simply, you can take a bus from Ha Noi to Thai Binh, then catch bus number 5 to Luc Market, and then take a motorbike taxi to Con Den (about 7 km).
Formed by sediment of the Tra Ly River under the influence of the river flow and coastal hydrodynamics, Con Den has relatively flat terrain. On hot days, walking along 3km Con Den, you will feel cooler when watching the white waves rushing to shore and the green pine trees along the beach.
With the diversity of mangroves, this is your opportunity to explore the natural world in Con Den, home to 500 species of aquatic animals, sea grasses and 200 kinds of birds, including several rare species listed in the World Red Book.
Con Den, Thai Binh
The road to Con Den. Photo: dulichgo
With long sandy beaches, moderate slope and gentle waves all year round , Con Den is an ideal place for bathing every summer.
Visiting Con Den, you should not forget to discover historical sites and traditional villages in Thai Binh.
Around Con Den are many restaurants with the necessary services for visitors, but you are advised to enjoy the famous specialities of Thai Binh in the town of Diem Dien and in Thai Binh City.
Pha Le/VietnamNet.

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