‘Thang co’ – A traditional dish of Mong ethnic group

The horse meat, called ‘thang co’, is a traditional dish of the Mong ethnic group in the mountainous north -western region.thang-co-a-traditional-dish-of-mong-ethnic-group

‘thang co’ – a traditional dish of mong ethnic group hinh 0

The technique of making it is quite simple. After the animal is killed and washed, its internal parts are removed, which are later cut up.

These parts are put in a big pan and fried in their own grease. Minutes later, water is added to the pan and the meat is simmered for hours.

To spice up the dish, salt and some spicy fruits including thao qua and dia dien can be added, giving to the dish an attractive aroma.

Wine is always recommended for men when they eat thang co and women often eat it with com nam (rice balls) or men men (ground maize).

During the group meal of thang co, participants exchange stories about crops, hunting, villages and daughters-in-law.

For young bachelors and bachelorettes, it can be a good opportunity to make new friends and even find a future husband or wife.

Nhan Dan

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