Tet tours abound

The upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, or Tet, is a national holiday which turns most exciting one to two weeks before it starts. So tourists are advised to travel to different parts of the country to get hands-on knowledge of the bustling festive atmosphere.
Tet tours abound
Travelers can choose short tours lasting two to three days to visit the northwestern upland after spending a few days in Hanoi. Journeys to mountainous areas of the northwest such as Mai Chau, Son La, Sapa and Ha Giang will bring different experiences.
In these special spring tours for about a week, visitors will experience unique activities combining great landscapes, diverse cultures and specialties, which are not included in non-Tet tours.
Tourists have various options of transportation from Hanoi City such as car, motorbike, bicycle and coach.
If you do not want to travel too far from Saigon on this occasion, there are multiple places of interest such as Dalat and Dong Nai. For those loving cold weather and nature, Dalat is definitely a must-visit destination.
Travelers from HCMC can visit Dalat City by plane or bus. Driving to Dalat should also be considered because tourists can drop by the fishing village of La Nga in Dong Nai Province to visit the rafts where people live and raise fish.

The flowering season is coming to Dalat City with various species of tropical and temperate flowers in blossom along the streets and at the flower farms. Some other interesting destinations in Dalat include Lam Ti Ni Pagoda and the Dalat Cathedral (also known as Cock Church) with a lot of white flowers, the Elephant Mountain with wild cherry blossom, and vegetable farms in Duc Trong.

Adventure enthusiasts can take a motorbike tour with Dalat Easy Rider. Those loving the peacful atmosphere of the town can walk around the city and have some hot coffee or other beverages such as soya or corn milk at the roadside shops.
You can also have a cup of coffee at Thuy Ta or Thanh Thuy restaurants by the Xuan Huong Lake, which are fovorite places for tourists.
Tran Thuy Linh