Savoring Ninh Hoa pork skewers

One of the most mouth-watering dishes in Nha Trang City must be grilled pork skewers. The dish is a specialty of Ninh Hoa Town, which is about 30 kilometers north of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa Province.
Savoring Ninh Hoa pork skewers
To prepare it, pork is mixed with garlic, pepper and sugar, wrapped on sticks, and grilled over burning coal. In the grilling process, the pork sticks should be gently rotated to make sure the meat is well done.
Diners are advised to dip the meat into a kind of sauce made from ground pork, peanuts, salt, sugar and fish sauce. What is special about this sauce is it is cooked for three hours before it becomes a thick mixture.
Grilled pork rolls are served with rice pancakes, and fresh and pickled vegetables. A combination of tender pork, dipping sauce, vegetables and crisp pancakes unleashes a tasty flavor like no other.
Pork skewers can be found virtually everywhere but only Ninh Hoa residents know how to maintain the genuine flavor of the dish.

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