Recycled coffee shop

Recycled construction is not new as makeshift offices or houses made from pre-used shipping containers can be seen at a lot of construction sites around HCMC. But a café built with two containers supplemented with wooden and glass windows and doors might be a first in the city.
Recycled coffee shop

The recycled coffee shop is located in Trung Son residential area in Binh Chanh District. Its owner even made tables and chairs from scrap metal like motorcycle wheel rims, turning the café into a strange yet interesting place.

On the tables are the ashtrays made from motorbike engine cylinders and vintage cameras.
Engineer Nguyen Truong Giang, the owner of the Container café, nurtured an innovative idea of opening such a recycled coffee shop for three years before turning it into reality. It took him half a year to build the café using discarded materials.

According to him, the most difficult stage in the construction process is air conditioning. The containers with a low ceiling absorb more heat than other materials, so he conducted four or five tests to work out the best insulation panels.

The interior of the café is now fully insulated and cooled by air-conditioners, creating a comfortable space for guests. Meanwhile, the glass windows are also arranged in a way that provides natural light for the containers.

“Scrap materials will worsen environmental pollution. Why don’t we use them to decorate a cozy and eco-friendly coffee shop?” said Giang.
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With drinks priced between VND18,000 and VND55,000, the Container has become a popular place for young people, and photography and motorbike clubs.

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