Peaceful autumn at the Trang An World Natural Heritage site

Less than 100km from Hanoi, the Trang An tourism complex is located on over 2,000 hectares and is home to limestone mountains, caves and temples.
In the summer Trang An is covered by the yellow color of rice fields stretching both sides of the Ngo Dong River, but in autumn the area is very green. Its charming young beauty captivates many visitors, especially photographers. Some photos of the site in fall:
Trang An boasts the Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel area, a center area, grottoes and Bai Dinh Pagoda. The site is endowed with 47 grottoes and caves, 31 valleys and the hallowed cultural area of Bai Dinh Pagoda. Cruising around the area, tourists will have a chance, like kings from ancient times, to use the mountains as walls, the rivers as roads, and the caves as palaces.
Tourists to Trang An often choose to go on a cruise for a three-hour sightseeing tour through the temples of Trinh, Tran and Khong and the grottoes of Dia Linh, Toi, Sang, Si, Sinh, Tinh, Ba Giot, Nau Ruou, Phu Khong and Quy Hau.
The caves range in size from dozens to hundreds of meters long and are often linked together by valleys, making the setting more attractive and mysterious. Each cave has its own beauty with many stalactites in a profusion of colors.
Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong National Park, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel
Nau Ruou Cave is where the nation’s forefathers cooked wine for the king. Many ceramic vases, pots and wine-making utensils have been found in this location.
Touring Trang An, travelers will get lost in a land of myths and fantasies, leaving behind daily stresses and worries. And while rowing through Trang An grotto in the quiet, fresh air of the highlands, with only the sound of birds and oars stirring in the clear water, surrounded by magnificent forested mountains where white goats graze, visitors will enjoy a slice of heaven on earth.
Another highlight is Bai Dinh Pagoda, located near a range of limestone mountains in Gia Sinh Commune, Gia Vien District, famous for its huge size and 500 stone Arhat statues. Covering over 700 hectares, the site with its elegant architecture and solemn atmosphere attracts many pilgrims daily.


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