One-day tour to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Standing in front of Ban Gioc Waterfall in the northern upland province of Cao Bang, I think one cannot resist its magnificence.
One-day tour to Ban Gioc Waterfall - Halong Sapa Packages
Cao Bang is a remote mountainous province, so tourists seldom choose to come there but once they are there, they will never forget its overwhelming beauty for sure.
To begin my journey, I catch a night coach at My Dinh coach station in Hanoi to arrive at Cao Bang coach station the next morning. From there, it takes me an additional half an hour to reach Ban Gioc Waterfall by bus.
First of all, the waterfall is located along the border between Vietnam and China. Measuring more than 200 meters in width and nearly 60 meters in height, Ban Gioc is the world’s fourth largest border waterfall.
From above, the fall looks like a charming picture. It flows downwards onto the crystal clear Quay Son River that is surrounded by high mountains and immense greenery. This is a splendid and romantic landscape.
I linger for about two hours just to admire the fairytale scenery, take hundreds of photos and breathe in the fresh air. It is such a great spot for tourists to stroll around or sit and admire.
A trip to Ban Gioc will never be complete without taking a wooden raft ride in the Quay Son River to savor the uniquely comfortable ambiance. The closer I get to the fall, the more I become awestruck.
Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang, Quay Son River.

Ban Gioc is among the special destinations that are appealing to tourists all year round. In the dry season, it is divided into three levels obviously by rocks and trees. Notably, a glittering rainbow created by the sunlight reflected in the water can be seen early in the morning. Meanwhile, the three levels become one in the rainy season, thus making the fall more glorious.
Visitors are always advised to stay longer to experience locals’ daily life if they have time.

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