Map and Location of Halong Bay

Halong Bay is located in the north east of Hanoi, about 3.5 hours from the capital city. Convenient transportation and modern road infrastructure make it easier to reach the Bay.

The Bay is constituted by thousands of grottos and islets, which are well connected by emerald body of water and 120km of coastline. The specific area considered UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site alone is cornered by Cống Tây island to the east. Đầu Gỗ island to the west and Ba Hầm lake to the south. Most cruise trips will take you for a ride within this complex, visiting the most important sights such as Surprise Cave, Titop Island, BaiTu Long Bay and several floating villages.

The most common way to reach Halong Bay is by road, with Hanoi being the most popular starting point. Currently there is no tourist train line connecting Halong Bay with Hanoi as yet. One can also choose to book the helicopter service, which will reach the Bay in less than 2 hours.

Some famous cruise vessels also sail their way from the North directly to the port nearby but one still need to be transferred by tender or smaller junk in order to visit the Bay.


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