Lang Biang and the legendary love story in Da Lat

Lang Biang and the legendary love story in Da Lat

Lang Biang Mountain is worth setting foot on for visitors to Da Lat City (Lam Dong Province) as the “roof” of the city is associated with a love story that touches the heart of every person.
Lang Biang and the legendary love story in Da Lat
With a height of 2,160 meters above sea level, the mountain is approximately 12km North of Da Lat city center. Its name takes its root from a legend of the Co Ho ethnic people.

As the story goes, there was once a beautiful young maid named H’Biang born into the family of the Cil Chieftain. One day, while picking mushrooms in the woods, she was attacked by wolves. Fortunately, K’Lang, son of the Lach Chieftain came across and saved her. They then fell in love. However, the two tribes of Cil and Lach were foes; therefore, their love was not accepted.

To continue their love, they decided to leave the tribes, going to a high mountain. When H’Biang fell seriously ill, K’Lang decided to bring her back to her hamlet for treatment. However, when they reached the hamlet, the dwellers attacked them. Facing extreme danger, H’Biang reached out to take the arrow aimed at K’Lang. She passed away, leaving great pain to K’Lang. He returned to the mountain where they lived and committed suicide.

After the deaths of the couple, the two tribes regretted so much what they did that they decided to forget the hatred and merged the tribes into one ethnic group named the Co Ho. To commemorate the couple, the mountain where they lived was named Lang Biang and the stream running from the mountain was named Da Nhim, which means “tears” in the Co Ho language.

The Lang Biang Mountain is now part of the Lang Biang biosphere reserve with diverse rare flora and fauna. The reserve has recently been recognized by UNESCO as the world biosphere reserve. It is also a favourite tourist attraction for many people. To reach Lang Biang, tourists may travel by jeep or on foot. On the top of the mountain, a romantically breath-taking view is waiting. Looking south, tourists can catch the whole view of Da Lat City. In the north, an immense green space of forests and high hills seem to hide various mysterious stories that only those daring to explore can discover. As the night falls, a campsite brings the coolness of the unique land and tourists may find themselves melt in the dancing melodies of the Co Ho people in hamlets down the mountain foot.

A trip to Lang Biang is surely an unforgettable experience for anyone.

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