Festival of Art to benefit Sa Pa artists

More than 50 artworks depicting the beauty of nature and rich ethnic culture in the picturesque hill town of Sa Pa will be on display at the Festival of Art starting on Sunday.

The event is an Art for Community initiative to raise funds to help local artists and communities.
The display will feature the artworks of artists and children in Sa Pa, including the paintings by British-born Bridget March, who is living in Sa Pa and working on the Art for Community project.
Her artworks celebrates the Mong and Red Dao people and their culture. Using images of objects, animals, people and landscapes, she has created unique works.
Painters Dang Tin Tuong, Pham Phan Hoang Linh, and Trieu Quang Hung have dedicated a body of work to Sa Pa, its cheerful people and landscapes.
During the festival, many artists will open their studios to visitors.
Another main activity of the event will be an exhibition titled Art for Community. It will display prints and postcards created by March and the children of Ma Cha primary school and Ta Phin Village.
The collection features every day subjects familiar to the children, such as rice bowls, temple flags, bamboo cow bells, Dao children’s hats and plum blossoms.
Most artists will donate 20 per cent of their proceeds to the project.
Hosted by the Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Centre, the event is expected to become an annual event. It will last until October 18.

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