Delicious snack from glutinous rice and cassava

The excellent combination of the fragrant and glutinous rice seeds with the greasy taste of cassava as well as fried onion has created such an attractive snack.
Delicious snack from glutinous rice and cassava
It is not very sophisticated to have a good pack of steamed glutinous rice with cassava. However, the process still requires the makers to be skillful and have experiences.

The very first step is choosing good ingredients. The glutinous rice used for the dish must be the fragrant glutinous rice, with well – rounded seeds. Soak the glutinous rice into water for one night to make it soft, whiter and more glutinous when being cooked.

The quality of cassava is also very important. Choose the plump ones that have fresh peels and still leak resin. The old cassava would have all the resin absorbed and therefore would have bitter taste.

Use a knife to nick around the cassava to remove their peels. Chop the cassava into two parts along their length to take the thread in the middle out. Clean the cassava, cut it into small pieces, and then mix it with the glutinous rice. Add a little salt into the mixture of glutinous rice and cassava before steaming it. Use a steamer for steaming it.

When the water vaporises, use a chopstick to stir in order to make the glutinous rice seeds done steadily, and then quickly cover the steamer with its lid so that it would not lose the heat. Continue that process later until the glutinous rice is done and the cassava is starchy.

The steamed glutinous rice with cassava would be more delicious if it is served with fried onion. Making the fried onion is quite simple. Yet it still needs to be careful not to make the onion burnt. Put this fried onion on the plate of steamed glutinous rice and cassava and the delicious snack is done.


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