Da Nang’s one-stop shop for good, cheap street food

Da Nang's one-stop shop for good, cheap street foodThe Con Market is Da Nang’s most famous one-stop shop for cheap, delicious street food.
During my first visit, I headed straight for the banh beo (steamed rice flour puddings) which were served with a thick red sauce of salted, shredded shrimp and a spoonful of blended fish sauce.
It was raining that day, and the banh beo cakes tasted so good, particularly for VND10,000 (47 US cents) a serving.
I found myself burying my nose in the dish. When I came up for air, I found every seat around me occupied.
Each vendor in this market has only a small space for a round serving tray and a few small chairs. Customers eat knee-to-knee.
Next to the banh beo was a stall serving snails fried in red chilies, fish sauce and other spices that blended together to create an overwhelmingly delicious aroma.
The entrance to the market was only around 20 meters long, but every centimeter was packed with crowded stalls, offering all kinds of delicious local dishes.
In addition to the savory fare, you can get scores of sweets, fresh fruit shakes, or bottles of salted fish and shrimp to take home as gifts.
There is an old saying: “Come to Hue, visit Dong Ba Market. Come to Quang Tri, visit Dong Ha Market. Come to Da Nang, visit Con Market.”
The Con Market was built in 1940 and sits on Ong Ich Khiem Street. It remains the oldest and largest market in downtown Da Nang.

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