Cuisines from Central Vietnam

Cuisines from Central VietnamDanang is well known for being a lovely tourism destination in Central Vietnam. The city has all favors from the nature and weather, compared to neighboring localities. Therefore, long ago, citizens from nearby provinces had moved to Danang for work, making it now a very multi-cultural city. Hence, cuisines in the city are very diverse. Here is the top list of must-try dishes in Danang.

My Quang
My Quang is a traditional dish of the central region. It is a vermicelli dish, with the broth originally cooked with pork, chicken and shrimp, creating that recognizable aromatic scent. It is served with fresh salad and grilled rice papers. In Danang, one of the best places to enjoy this traditional dish is My Quang Que, located at 258 Dong Da Street. Here, food is cooked with less oil for health reasons, and salads are absolutely clean. Price is from VND35,000 to VND50,000.

Hue Cuisine
Hue City is located next to Danang, but you can taste the best of Hue cuisine in Danang at Tran Thi food stall, which is located at 23 Nguyen Huu Canh Street in Danang City. The restaurant serves all kinds of Hue traditional rice cakes such as banh beo, banh nam and banh loc. Price is from VND18,000 to VND40,000. Tran Thi food stall is well known by its delicious recipes from a true Hue family. It also impresses customers by the caring and kindness of its services.

Bun Cha Ca
Bun Cha Ca is another vermicelli dish, but the broth is cooked with fish, fish cakes, bamboo shoots and pineapple. Bun Cha Ca is special because only in cities with coastlines can you enjoy the best taste of fresh fish caught from the ocean. The dish is also served with fresh salad. Bun Cha Ca 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh is one of the most common places for diners to try out this special dish from the sea. Price is from VND25,000 to VND35,000. It is well known for its quick service and having the perfect fish cakes in town.
Other than the above, visitors to Danang can enjoy other traditional cuisines such as Banh trang thit heo (pork rolled with rice paper and salad) at 4 Le Duan Street. You can also find fresh seafood at various restaurants along the coastline, selling just caught fish, crabs, and shrimps, among others.

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