Companies welcome new nightlife opening hours

Travel agents have welcomed the decision to finally extend nightlife opening hours and suggestions on how to manage the capital.
Companies welcome new nightlife opening hours
Singer Ha Tran at 1900 Night Club
Chairman of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung has proposed to lift the midnight ban on local bars, clubs and cafes to improve the capital’s sparse night-time services. He said the ban would be lifted in the autumn. After the decision was announced, travel agents wholeheartedly welcomed the agreement.
Nguyen Hong Dai, director of APT said there would be more entertainment services for tourists which in turn, will make the capital more attractive. “More tourists will come to Hanoi, it’ll be a boost to individual tourism,” he said.
Dai suggested the ban should be lifted only on restaurants and bars first, not nightclubs.
Ta Huu Chien from Sunvina Travel Company also said this was good news for Hanoi’s tourism since the nightlife will be less boring. He suggested that the authorities should choose key areas of focus for development and better management.
“Many tourists have complained that they wanted to go out and stay up late in Hanoi but couldn’t, unlike Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore. I hope this new decision will make Hanoi more interesting,” director of the Transviet Company Nguyen Tien Dat said.
He went on to say that the authorities should carry out a pilot programme in the Old Quarter, where there are many international tourists, before implementing it in other districts.
“It’s better that restaurants that operate on pavements should still be banned, only indoor services and buildings that have sound-proof rooms can be allowed to open past midnight,” Dat said.
Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism Do Dinh Hong said lifting the ban would encourage tourists to stay longer and spend more during their stay. It would also attract younger tourists and other tourists to the capital.
CEO of Vietrantour Company Nguyen Thi Huyen said Vietnam should apply high taxes to late night services like Japan. Each city could have specific areas for young tourists.
“Tourism companies can offer optional tours if they have good relation with service providers. Then the late night entertainment will also appeal to tourists who go in groups,” she said.


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