Cao Son Market Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Trekking - Wednesday Cao Son Market Package Tour - Ethnic Girls Muong Hum market Sapa - Buying & Selling Sapa Trekking - Wednesday Cao Son Market Package Tour - Handy Craft Shop Cao Son, Vietnam [2013]

Cao Son Market Sapa Vietnam is located on the territory Cao Son Commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province. To go to Cao Son Market Sapa Vietnam, visitors can follow several routes. However, if tourists want to have the opportunity to be a yacht on the river and peace in their natural beauty as romantic, friendly situation: on the sun, under the water and both sides of the river northwest of majestic mountains and forests green smooth one color, inviting visitors to participate in boat row river flowing: Bao Chew – Cao Son.

Fair is fair Cao Son of ethnic Mongolian, Phu leaves, Black Dao and Han live in the four largest district of Muong Khuong. Per week for just one session meeting on Wednesday.

When the market session, right from early morning, across the street saw all go wrong from the people who are connected to the market. They take into groups, each group, in pairs and each person is the one. People found the bearer, who used the horse to breathe in, the market is down by motorcycles, bicycles … Skirt shirt around xinh, the cells were spread like mushrooms on top of young women Mong, Dao … with subtle patterns, colors showy, creates paintings full of lively and attractive.

Cao Son Market Sapa Vietnam as more beautiful by people, goods and natural landscape. The immense space, vast mountains, very small people … They impartial buying, selling, exchanging goods with each other. Rice buyer, the buyer brocade, buyers vegetable, fruit, people enjoy some speciality dishes upland …

Like some versions of other upland areas. Cao Son Market Sapa Vietnam is divided into several areas:

The bold flavours found with mountains and forests such as vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, wood ear, honey, wine, corn, rice Princess, household appliances, jewellery … concentrated into a zone, arranged beautifully by each item. The context he has colors, emerged a series of sell-side brocade with showy colours, more vivid graphics. These are sophisticated products shown skilful talent from planting flax, enough fiber, weaving, dyeing the embroidered flowers of Mongolian woman, women, and women leaves Phu Dao.

But most attention is still selling the livestock and poultry such as cattle, pigs, chickens, dogs, horses … Air in this area really bustling, buyers, who sell, standing, sitting and scattered the purchase agreement with each other.

A few hundred meters of area for the ethnic dishes. Here, visitors will be easily overwhelmed by the seductive flavors from certain types of cuisine such as pan of aromatic immediate problem winning buffalo meat, horse meat and beef … of Mongolia, slightly spicy spicy yeast concentration levels of some wines nations such as corn liquor Hibiscus Bangkok, Bangkok language … The bustling atmosphere and attractions that visitors will have to stop, sit down and enjoy the ethnic cuisine of them.

To market a version Cao Son have the chance to enjoy interference cultures of some ethnic groups living in villages along the river flowing on the territory of Muong Khuong district. Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to travel on the river boat and go sightseeing on both sides of river..



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