Ban Gioc among world’s top 15 amazing waterfalls

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Vietnam’s northern Cao Bang province has been listed among top 15 most amazing waterfalls in the world, according to Thrillist-a leading US food, drink and travel website.
Ban Gioc among world’s top 15 amazing waterfalls - Halong Sapa Packages
In the article’s introduction, the author described that waterfalls have been an awe-inspiring sight ever since the first man walked down river, peered over the edge, and then wildly exclaimed to his tribe-bro “I think we can jump off of this!”.

“Trickling majestically down the rocks, Ban Gioc waterfall only drops a measly 98ft, but is super awesome looking, so size doesn’t really matter” said the Thrillist.

The website also stressed that the waterfall is a treasure that is still being unearthed in the cliff’s caves.

Rounding on the list include Victoria Falls on Zambezi River at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Ventisquero Falls of Chile, Pearl Shoal Waterfall of China, Sutherland Falls of New Zealand, Niagara Falls of Canada, Palouse Falls of the US, Angel Falls of Venezuela, Iguazu Falls on Iguazu River at the border of Brazil and Argentina, Kaieteur Falls of Guyana, Taughannock Falls of the US, Gullfoss of Iceland, Yosemite Falls of the US, Large Waterfall of Croatia, and The Faroe Islands- an archipelago between Norway.


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