A journey on Son Tra Peninsula

For a long time, Son Tra Peninsula has been seen as a green lung and wind barrier for Danang City on the central coast.
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The peninsula is also a great hideaway, especially for those wishing on indulge themselves in white sand beaches, picturesque landscapes and primeval forests.
Standing on the peak of Son Tra Mountain, 693 meters above sea level, visitors can have a panoramic view of the city with Ngu Hanh Son Mountains looming in the south, Cham islet in the southeast, the Han River in the west, and Hai Van Mountain in the north.
Son Tra is actually a harmonious mosaic of river, sea and mountain.
Covering around 4,000 hectares, Son Tra Nature Reserve is known for its biodiversity, so it is an attractive destination for nature lovers. It is home to around 289 species of vascular plants, 287 species of animals, and 106 species of birds.
Especially, 160 red-shanked douc, a kind of langur that was declared endangered in 2013 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, have been recently discovered on Son Tra.
A snorkel trip to see coral reefs is highly recommended on Son Tra. At Nghe Cape, visitors can find coral reefs stretching 4-5 hectares at Tranh and Black Rock beaches while Bac and Nom beaches are home to 52 coral species.
The corals on the peninsula are not only diverse in species but also in colors. Tourists can choose to relax on a cruise, go fishing and catch squids together with local fishermen.
They can also take a look at a banyan tree which locals say is 1,000 years old. The tree is around 20 meters high and has some 30 adventitious roots.
At the foot of Son Tra Mountain, resorts have sprung up on beaches such as But, Nam, Rang, Xep, Con and Tre but nature there is well preserved. There, tourists can book a dive and snorkel trip to experience exciting underwater adventures.
Strolling along a beach or to the forest and climbing the mountain are other activities tourists should consider while on this beautiful peninsula.
by Tung Son
Source: SGT

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