20 must-try experiences in Hoi An

Cycling around the old town, dropping lanterns on the Hoai River, enjoying local cuisine… are the experiences that tourists should try in the ancient town of Hoi An, a world cultural heritage site in central Vietnam.

20 must-try experiences in Hoi An
1. Cycle to explore the old town.
2. Taste che (sweetened porridge) on the roadside.
3. Take breakfast in markets with local specialties like mi Quang (Quang noodle), cao lau, banh beo…
4. Taste the world’s most delicious sandwich in Hoi An – banh my Phuong.
5. Drink milk coffee at a roadside shop.
6. Buy clothes at a tailor’s shop.

20 trai nghiem de ban mai nho Hoi An hinh anh 3
7. Swim at Cua Dai beach and enjoying fresh seafood.
8. Read on An Bang Beach – one of the most beautiful pristine beaches of Vietnam.
9. Take a boat on the Thu Bon River.
10. Visit Tra Que vegetable village.
11. Visit Kim Bong carpentry village in Cam Kim commune.
12. Visit Cam Ha flower village.
13. Go to Thanh Ha pottery village, 3 km from Hoi An.
14. Thanh Nam fishing village is an interesting destination in Hoi An.

20 trai nghiem de ban mai nho Hoi An hinh anh 1
15. Visit Cham Islands.
16. Walk around the ancient town in the evening.
17. Enjoy local dishes in the small market along the Hoai river at the sunset.
18. Drink coffee in cafes overlooking the Hoai River.
19. Releaselantern on the Hoai River at night.
20. Take pictures. The ancient town is beautiful at all moments of the day.
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